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We help self-insured companies save on their drug spend by maximizing pathways to find the lowest cost, effective drugs.

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When we see high drug costs, our first instinct is to blame the drug companies. The drug companies are certainly profiting from the configuration of our market, but there’s an even bigger financial winner: the middlemen.

Insurance companies have been assembling conglomerates in the middle of the supply chain - buying up pharmacies and PBMs - and wield their power over both sides of the market.

They extract higher rebates from drug companies on one side, and higher prices from employers and patients on the other.

SmithRx was built from the ground up to be different. We believe our role as a PBM is to be a highly efficient channel between drug companies and plan sponsors - not to extract outsized profits at the expense of our clients. Our goal is to control costs to ensure that American businesses and patients are able to thrive.

100% pass through pricing

Transparency through the supply chain

The plan sponsor always pays what the pharmacy is paid and receives 100% of the rebates. Smith does not take economics from the supply chain. We aspire to build trust, not pricing spreads. We work with pharmacy partners and drug companies to reduce the overall cost of drugs.

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Our platform is built from the ground up to ensure we’re able to deliver the best savings while also transitioning members with ease and helping them make cost effective decisions. We support our brokers with full audit trails and savings visibility.

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comprehensive savings with connect 360

We’re exhaustive in our search to get you the lowest price for our drugs by applying coupons, manufacturers' savings programs, assistance programs, partnering with innovative drug companies and much more. Our hands-on approach helps make the transition to lower cost alternatives minimally disruptive.

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What is a pharmacy benefits manager?

Pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs, are companies that manage prescription drug benefits on behalf of health insurers, Medicare Part D drug plans, large employers, and other payers. By negotiating with drug manufacturers and pharmacies to control drug spending, PBMs have a significant behind-the-scenes impact in determining total drug costs for insurers, shaping patients’ access to medications, and determining how much pharmacies are paid. PBMs have faced growing scrutiny about their role in rising prescription drug costs and spending. Reference

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