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Did you know? On average SmithRx clients save 30% or more on pharmacy spend in the first year alone! Discover your group's potential for RX savings by submitting historical claims for a repricing analysis.

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What you can expect from a repricing analysis:

  • Customized savings comparisons

  • A side-by-side comparison of drug costs

  • A comprehensive digest of qualifying AWP discounts, savings opportunities, clinical recommendations, and more

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We'll be in touch soon to request a claims history. Get started by preparing a set of claims that include the following fields or use our Excel Template linked below:

Once you submit a request, we'll be in touch soon.

For SmithRx performance

  • Fill Date

  • NPI/NABP (Pharmacy location)

  • NDC

  • Quantity

  • Days Supply

  • Retail / Mail Indicator

  • Brand / Generic Indicator

For Savings Comparison

  • Ingredient Cost

  • Dispensing Fee

  • Plan Cost

  • Member Cost

  • AWP

  • Admin Fee

  • Rebate Figures

Download the Excel Template here to organize your claim data. Don't have historical claims? No problem. We can get started with a Top Drug analysis.


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