The Cost-Based Future of PBMs

Real Savings, Real Impact with SmithRx

May 2nd, 2024 at 10:00am PT
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The status quo of discount-based PBMs is no longer tenable. It's a system that benefits the few at the expense of the many, leading to inflated medication costs and eroding trust. As brokers, consultants, and benefits professionals, you're on the frontline of this battle, armed with the opportunity to steer the market towards a more equitable future.

Prepare to learn:

  • The SmithRx Difference: Discover the origins of our cost-based approach and why we're leading the charge for its adoption industry-wide.
  • Market Movement: Understand why the tide is turning towards cost-based PBMs and how clinging to outdated models could leave you behind.
  • Real Success Stories: Learn how the cost-based model has transformed the pharmacy benefits landscape for our clients.
  • Actionable Strategies: For professionals ready to stand on the right side of history, we'll provide concrete steps to embrace and advocate for cost-based PBMs.
  • The Impact: Grasp the broader implications of this shift on medication pricing and access, and why it's a moral imperative for everyone involved in healthcare benefits.

Who needs to hear this:

Brokers, consultants, and benefits professionals poised to lead, and anyone who believes in the power of fair, transparent healthcare—your presence is most welcome.

We'll also save some time at the end for a live Q&A, where you can challenge us; question us; join us. This is your platform to dive deep into why cost-based PBMs must be the new standard. This webinar is more than an educational session; it’s a rallying cry for all who dare to demand better.



Jake Frenz
Founder and CEO, SmithRx
Alan Pannier
Senior Vice President Product Strategy, SmithRx

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