Introducing A New Pharmacy Benefit: Amazon Pharmacy

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November 7, 2023

New Way For Members To Compare Prices And Find Savings On Medications

Good news: Amazon Pharmacy is now available to all SmithRx members. It works with your health plan so you’ll see your copay price before checkout. Not to mention, you’ll have your medication delivered right to your door, with status updates along the way. Sign up to get started today.

What you’ll love about Amazon Pharmacy:

  • Upfront pricing – just search for your medication and see the price options for your health plan.
  • Compare options in real–time – including your copay to automatically find the lowest available price.
  • Simple sign up – most of your information can be auto-populated.
  • Skip the pharmacy line – Have your medication delivered to your door.

This Partnership Aligns With SmithRx’s Values

At SmithRx, we value transparency, championing lowering costs for employers and patients and delivering an amazing member experience. Our partnership with Amazon Pharmacy aligns with all of those values. Unlike the traditional PBMs, we don’t profit by directing members to our own pharmacies, we don’t engage in spread pricing and, we pass-through ALL rebates to our employer groups. Amazon Pharmacy’s upfront, low pricing, comparison capabilities and ease of use helps us deliver savings and convenience to help members and their employers.

SmithRx members can also use mail order pharmacy services from Walmart Home Delivery and for specialty medications, Senderra and Kroger.

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A new type of pharmacy benefits manager, SmithRx is working to reduce pharmacy costs by reimagining the traditional PBM as a Drug Acquisition Platform built on transparent modern technology that aligns with the needs of our customers.