January 30, 2024

Getting Started with SmithRx

Welcome to pharmacy benefits with SmithRx. Our mission is to reduce the complexity and cost of your pharmacy benefits.

What is a Pharmacy Benefits Manager?
Pharmacy benefits managers (or PBMs) coordinate the interaction between your employer, physician, health plan, and pharmacy. Your PBM powers your pharmacy experience by:
  • Making sure you’re charged the correct copay at the pharmacy
  • Setting up your medications to be covered according to your plan design
  • Managing clinical requirements related to your prescriptions
Since your PBM benefits are closely related to your health coverage, you’re automatically covered when you enroll in your health plan.

Will my pharmacy experience change?
You will receive a new Member ID card in the mail. Present this new card at the pharmacy to ensure you’re using your current plan and not overpaying for your prescriptions. PBMs like SmithRx cover medications based on lists of preferred drugs called formularies. The formulary with SmithRx may differ from your prior PBM. We’ll notify you if a change is required for your medication(s).

Can I go to my usual pharmacy?
We have over 83,000 pharmacies in our network including retail pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, Walmart, Costco, and more. Mail order pharmacies like Amazon Pharmacy and Walmart Mail Order, and specialty pharmacies like Senderra and Kroger.

What if I need assistance?
The SmithRx Member Services team is available 8 am to 8 pm ET, Monday through Friday, and 11 am - 4 pm ET on Saturday by:
  • Phone: 844.454.5201
  • Email: help@smithrx.com
  • Chat: Anytime on our website in the lower right hand corner

You can also create an account on our Member Portal at member.mysmithrx.com to view important pharmacy benefits information like your prescription claims, plan details, formulary, and helpful resources. Use the Find My Meds tool to search for the lowest-cost prescription drugs at nearby pharmacies.

We make saving money simple
SmithRx’s Connect 360 programs can help patients obtain medications for little or no co-payment. Our team will proactively reach out to you and help you navigate the process if any of these programs apply to your medications. Please ensure your contact information is updated with your human resources team and answer or return our calls or emails to ensure you make the most of your benefits.

Capture manufacturer coupon savings on traditional and specialty medications. Members have a low or $0 copay on prescriptions while also helping employers save on pharmacy benefit costs.

Access Plus
Leverages advocacy foundations and grant programs to reduce cost when a high-cost specialty medication is not covered under the pharmacy benefit. We assist members in navigating and applying to these different programs.

No more pre-shopping for the best price or printing coupons! Your member ID has all the information that your pharmacy needs to find the best deals for you at the point of sale. Includes programs like GoodRx, SingleCare, RxSaver, ScriptSave, and many more.

Low-Cost Insulin
This program helps lower the cost of insulin at the pharmacy and applies a savings card to reduce members' copays.

Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs
Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs is building an innovative pharmacy model that delivers medications at cost, plus a straightforward 15% markup, along with a $3 dispensing fee and shipping. Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs carries over 1,000 medications and continues to expand their drug list weekly.

Humira Biosimilars
Yusimry, a biosimilar for Humira, is now available to SmithRx members at Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs. Yusimry offers a more affordable option for members with autoimmune diseases.

International Sourcing
SmithRx offers the option to connect members with an independent international sourcing vendor to obtain select drugs at lower cost (if requested by the plan).