January 29, 2024

Find My Meds

Use the Find My Meds tool in the Member Portal to search for the pharmacy near you with the best price for your medication. To access the MemberPortal, navigate to member.mysmithrx.com and Create An Account using the information on your member ID. To use Find My Meds:

1. Begin typing the name of the medication you want to search for andselect the relevant search result.


2. Type the location you want to search or select Current Location.


3. Click on the search icon.


4. [OPTIONAL] To edit the form factor, dosing, quantity or supply clickon edit pencil.


5. [OPTIONAL] Edit your search parameters and click Update Prescription.


6. Review the results and choose the pharmacy that works best for you. The amount shown is the price you will be charged with your plan benefits applied